Sunday, March 16, 2014

Using the Chrome Tool: 529andYou

It has been a while since my last post.  I intended to document my journey through the exploration of DNA genealogical research but that journey has been so fascinating that I was completely distracted by oh so many things.  In the mean time, I have confirmed some of my ancestors whose documentation was sketchy, broken through one brick wall and have clues for breaking another down.

However, the purpose of this post is to describe how to use one of the best tools around for collecting 23andMe data, the Chrome addon 529andYou by Roger Woods.  If used correctly, not only will it retain match data but it can be used to identify in common with (ICW) data for each relative.

1.  Skip this step if you already have the Chrome browser.  Click here to get Chrome.

2.  Click here to get the 529andYou Chrome addon.  Be sure to select yes to create a database when asked.

3.  Open 23andMe to Family Inheritance: Advanced and select two profiles.  Then click Compare and when the results are shown, click on View in a table.  In the upper right corner, you will see this icon.   Click on the icon to open the 529andYou tab.

4.  Next click on the Create 'To Do' Table button and for the profile you have selected in 23andMe, it will display all matches for which data has yet to be recorded.

5.  For each match, click on the Compare button and 529andYou will open a tab to the 23andMe FIA page to get the comparison then record it in it's database.

6.  To see how each person compares to each other, close the 529andYou tab then reopen it from the FIA page.  Select display mode "Profile and Overlapping Segment Links".  Click on Create Match table.

7.  Click on the Show Overlapping Segments button for each match, one at a time.  In the resulting table, click on the compare links under each Show Overlapping Segments button.  Use Ctrl click or Cmd click to open each in it's own page.  This will load the comparisons into the 529andYou data base.

Now the data is loaded and can be viewed within 529andYou by selecting a name and chromosome.

I use this tool for 23andMe data collection every week or so then download the data into a CSV file and import it into Genome Mate.  For each profile I have in Genome Mate, I select the profile name and click on the Download CSV file.  Then I select Show matches for All and download a CSV file that I use to update ICW for 23andMe matches in Genome Mate.

If you have a lot of relatives on the list, it takes a while to update the database the first time but it is well worth it as later it only takes a few minutes to get updates when new sharing invitations are accepted.  Of all the ways of collecting 23andMe data, this is my tool of choice.

~ Becky ~


  1. As of now, with the advent of the "NEW" 23andme, the extension has become worthless.
    FIA is not available.

    1. I don't have the NEW 23andMe yet but my understanding is the FIA is still available (although it might have been modified somewhat), what is no longer available is the Countries of Ancestry Tool

  2. Hi Rebecca, I am hoping you can answer my question.
    I just downloaded and installed Genome Mate Pro. In preparation of uploading the information from my various tests on the various companies to Genome Mate Pro I used your above tips in using 529andYou.
    First I did Step 4 while in my 23andMe Profile, then changed Profiles and also did step 4 for each profile
    Second I went back to my profile and did step 6 with my name in the "show matches of" box.
    I did this one chromosome at a time so there were fewer matches and I wouldn't lose my place. Using your picture for step 6 this is what I did...
    A. Click on "show overlapping segments" for first person in list
    B. used turbo button to compare any that said compare person A and person ___
    C. when all on that page were compared clicked create match table to take me back to original list as shown in step 6.

    I repeated the above for each chromosome for each test until all 23 chromosomes for each test where completed. Does this mean that all of my tests have all the triangulation completed? Or am I missing something?

  3. I have tested on 23andme myself, my mother, two children and 3 siblings. First time through this process I clicked on every match in the "Create to do table". That generated a __huge__ list. Almost as bad was that my son and I were named the same, so the resulting .csv would be impossible to accurately be imported. I wasted a couple of hours before realizing what I needed to do.
    First, I changed my profile name to be unique.
    Second, I didn't click on my children or siblings to create the todo list. I used all of my cousins and my mother. The resulting list was about 10% the original size.