Saturday, June 7, 2014

Genome Mate: Profiles Option

In Genome Mate, data is presented from the perspective of the profile person or the person who submitted the DNA sample.  For example, in my family, I manage kits for my siblings, a maternal uncle and a paternal cousin, each of whom has a profile in the application.  The very first time, Genome Mate is opened it will require that a profile be created before continuing (Enter Profile Name > Add > Close).

Profiles Option

Profile Name

The profile name is a key field in the individual DNA segment matches between the profile person and their relatives.  If 23andMe is one of the sources for DNA segment data then it is important to enter the profile name exactly as it is on that person's 23andMe profile or change the 23andMe profile name to match before importing data.  Do not use special characters!

To change the profile name, type in a new name then Close.  All of the associated match data will be modified to reflect the new name.

GedMatch Kit

If there is also a GedMatch Kit for this profile, enter the kit #.  This is the key field required to import GedMatch data.

Load Gedcom File

While loading a gedcom file is optional, it is required for the Surnames, Ancestors, and X List options as well as to provide surname comparisons in the Match Details page.

Only gedcom file format version 5.5 with UTF8 characters is supported.  If your software doesn't support this format, try reformatting it with the free RootsMagic Essentials app then importing it.

Some common issues with the gedcom import are having multiple ancestors linked to the same person or trying to use a format other than 5.5 such as 5.5.1.  It doesn't hurt to try a different format but the app may not process it correctly.

When new family tree data becomes available, just load the new gedcom and it will replace the old data in the application.

To load a gedcom:
Profiles > Select Profile Name > Load Gedcom File > Select gedcom file > Select the person in the gedcom who is the profile person > Yes > Close
Note that the profile person must be in the gedcom.  The application strips out the direct ancestors of the profile person along with their birth, marriage, death and residence events and uses this information to populate the surname, ancestor and X donor lists.


To delete a profile, select the profile name and a Delete button will be displayed.  Pressing the Delete button will provide an option of also deleting the profile's DNA match data.
Yes:  Deletes profile and all segment matches
No:  Deletes just the profile and leaves the segment matches so they can be display in Profile Overlaps on the Match Details screen.  However, since there is no longer a profile defined, new match data for the old profile person will not be added.  (This is an obsolete feature.)


Close will check to see if the app has at least one profile or if the displayed profile name has been changed then close the dialog.  Note that profile names are displayed on the first drop down list on the main page and DNA segment data is displayed for the profile selected.


  1. Is there a way to merge profiles? I created a profile for 23 and me and a profile for gedmatch. Thanks for your help.

  2. I have a google profile, but I can't find a link to create a genome mate profile or to download their software. Any suggestions???

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