Sunday, January 22, 2017

Import Issues?

Having issues importing data?  Data not there or rejected?  Formats occasionally change but most of the time the issue can be resolved by following these steps:
  1. Verify that the data is not being hidden because of a filter selection on the Chromosome Browser page.  These should be set as above image to view all segments. 
  2. Verify that the correct import option was selected.  There are many different import sources and sometimes multiple providers of the same data so ensure the import option reflects both the correct source and provider.
  3. Verify that the data in question is contained in the import file and if using copy/paste that the data is copied from the Chrome browser.
  4. Verify that the keys (name, kit, etc.) in the Profile record are entered correctly with the names and keys exactly as they are listed in the source data file.  Otherwise, the app will not be able to identify the correct profile.
  5. Review the error generated in the log file.  Jim Sipe’s User Guide contains a list of error messages and possible resolutions. No log file? Verify that the log file is not open in another program such as Excel.
  6. Verify that the settings are correct in Options -> App Settings
When the steps above have been verified and the issue is still not resolved then post the following screen shots on Facebook.  Be sure to include the version of the app and type of computer being utilized.

  • Snip of the profile page in question
  • Snip of the error in the log file
  • Snip of the App Settings in Options
  • Snip of GMP page (Relative, Chr Browser) showing problem

Please note that in options you can select Privatize the Display for Sharing before taking a screen shot.

If we cannot identify the issue from the screen shots, you may be asked to email your import file to me for further analysis on my test database.

~ Becky ~

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