Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blanche Ridenour Martin

My genealogy research was interrupted by a sad event this week, the passing of my 96 year old aunt.  We tend to view people through our own experiences and the funeral was an opportunity to see her through the lens of others as a grandmother, a mother and a friend. 

Aunt Blanche was a wonderful, kind woman and I have many good memories of time spent with her and my uncle Gar.  I spend a lot of time with them as a child and mostly remember going to baseball games and eating hot dogs.  When I was in high school, she was the only one who could cut my hair the way I liked it.  They often visited my folks and she was there for my wedding.  In latter years, it was many an afternoon that we spent going through genealogy and old photos.  I wish I had spent more time with her.  She will surely be missed by all that knew her.

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